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Chapter 1
Starting from the ground up with the stick figure. The greatest designs start in the simplest ways

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Chapter 2

Blocking in the anatomy and costume in limited value

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Chapter 3
gathering reference and grounding fantasy in reality

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Chapter 4
Brainstorming in limited value

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Chapter 5
Refining the design in line and committing

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Chapter 6
Using flat color to graphically resolve the creature characters

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In this tutorial I focus on designing 20 Alien Outlaw characters from the initial rough in, to clean line, and then flat color. This demo is about brainstorming, working from reference, and creating original characters from scratch using fast and effective techniques.
This tutorial is recommended for both beginners and professionals.
Programs used:
Procreate (optional for line work)
Included in the download:
2:30hrs tutorial .mov
5 character PSDs
5 Procreate drawing movies m4v’s

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