Avengers Endgame: Chitauri Gorilla Design

CHITAURI APE.1129 (Converted).mov


Chitauri gorilla design for Avengers Endgame. Funny story, I was in between characters on Spiderman Far from Home and got this assignment. They were rethinking this character/creature in the final battle in #endgame and needed a new design. The prior designs were excellent, but turned out to be too big and so I pitched a big gorilla version on the Chitauri to Ryan Meinerding and he told me to go for it. I’m not sure how this guy fits in the alien race, he’s either a less involved version of the Chitauri or some genetically modified version for battle. Either way, I got it approved in the first pass. It was really exciting to work on Endgame again after so much time had passed. I was also really surprised how many of these guys ended up in the final battle sequence. Great times!