Captain Marvel: Skrull Designs

Early #skrull design for #captainmarvel I was only on the film for a short time. It was in development while I was working on #avengersinfinitywar and #avengersendgame . I was happy to contribute even for as briefly as I did. I was told this design had actually gotten quite a bit of traction and was also the artwork that revealed for the skrulls at comicon. Eventually the design was changed and I absolutely love how they came out. My very talented buddy Ian Joyner @ianjoynerart Really knocked the final design for these guys out of the park. I believe he’ll be posting some of his work soon. So many great artists worked on these characters: @jwsze @anthony_francisco_art @adamwross @constantinesekeris @tullysummers @aleksibriclot Get your copy of the art book and check out all of the amazing work from @andyparkart and his team from #marvelvisualdevelopment